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 ~ Check out recent news and releases from Still contributors and friends: 

Dear All, is Maggie Anderson's fifth collection of poetry, Four Way Books, 2017
Jeanne Bryner's newest collection of poems is Both Shoes Off, Bottom Dog Press, 2016.

Avery M. Guess's chapbook of poems is The Patient Admits, Dancing Girl Press, 2017

Richard Hague's newest book of poems is Studied Days: Poems Early & Late in Appalachia, Dos Madres Press, 2017. 
Pauletta Hansel's Palindrome is available from Dos Madres Press, 2017.
Fiddling at Midnight's Farmhouse is Clyde Kessler's poetry collection from Cedar Creek Publishing, 2017.
 C. Ann Kodra's collection of poems from Iris Press is Under an Adirondack Moon, 2017. 
Kelly Lenox's poetry collection is The Brightest Rock, Word Tech, 2017

Catherine Moore's poetry collection from Main Street Rag is Ulla! Ulla! (2018)

The Proffitts of Ridgewood: An Appalachian Family’s Life in Barbecue by Fred Sauceman is available from Mercer University Press
Larry Thacker's newest book of poems is Drifting in Awe, Finishing Line Press, 2017 
Nicole Tong received the 2017 Jean Feldman Prize by Washington Writers' Publishing House for her poetry collection, How to Prove a Theory.
Frank X Walker's new and uncollected poems, Ink Stains & Watermarks, is available from Duncan Hill Press, 2017.
 ~ The Editors at Still: The Journal are teaching writing workshops in The Makery, the new online writing studio from Hindman Settlement School. 

Silas, Karen, and Marianne are among other instructors "including Guggenheim Fellows, Yale’s Younger Poets, Poets Laureate, Weatherford and Chaffin Award recipients, acclaimed editors, intrepid journalists, and New York Times bestsellers." 

From The Makery Director:  
"The Makery at Hindman Settlement School is an online studio designed to nurture your imagination in a neighborly, supportive community. Each spring and fall—whether you are in Paris, Kentucky or Paris, France—come to The Makery to find sessions that will broaden your literary craft, while deepening your relationship to place." 

"Poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, documentary—here the region’s masters share techniques, exercises, and critique in both the craft of literature and its business, helping you build a meaningful writing practice, underpin your graduate study, and establish your readership."

~ Congratulations to Still contributors Savannah Sipple and Jay McCoy on the opening of their bookstore, Brier Books, in Lexington, Kentucky. Established for several months as an online bookstore with pop-up locations, Brier Books is now located at 319 S. Ashland Avenue in Lexington. 

~ Still: The Journal nominees for the 2017 

 ~Annie Woodford, Geography Vocabulary (poetry)
 ~Laura Long, “From the Book of Rain” (poetry)
 ~Elise Demeter, “Almonds” (fiction)
 ~C.M. Chapman, “The Moth in the Stair” (fiction)
 ~Sarah Einstein, “Christmas in Austria”
         (creative nonfiction)
 ~Cathryn Hankla, “Natural Disasters”
         (creative nonfiction)

~ Still: The Journal nominees for the 2017 
 ~Jayne Moore Waldrop, "Mint Springs" (fiction)
 ~Annie Frazier, “Serpentine” (fiction)
 ~Nicole Callihan, “weeds” (poetry)
 ~Rick Mulkey, “An Explanation” (poetry)
 ~Jarred Johnson, “Inheritance” (poetry)
 ~George Ella Lyon, “What Trouble Is" (poetry)
 ~Tia Jensen, “The Art of Leaving” (creative nonfiction)
 ~Tripp Woolf, “Daughters” (creative nonfiction)

~ Still: The Journal co-founders Silas House & Marianne Worthington edited Piano in a Sycamore, a writing craft anthology, for the 40th anniversary of the Appalachian Writers' Workshop at Hindman Settlement School. Piano in a Sycamore covers a wide range of topics including writing prompts, meditations on the writing process, reading suggestions, and very specific craft suggestions for writers. Copies can be ordered through Hindman Settlement School
 ©Meg Wilson; used with permission

Still Throwback

Re-visit Meg Wilson's work as Still's Featured Artist. Meg writes: "When I began to send down roots in Appalachia
in 2012, I turned to my landscape and
my neighbors with my camera. I turn particularly to those neighbors whose
lives are lived in a way that affects me
like poetry. 
I’m an outsider making connections when I photograph, and
these photographs invite you, also an outsider, into that moment of connection." 

"Patio Bar," ©Leslie LaChance; used with permission.

 ~ Congratulations to our contributors! 

Still: The Journal nominees for the 2016 Pushcart Prize: 
Leslie LaChance, "Vesper" (poetry)
Bill King, "Postcard from the Tygart" (poetry)
William Woolfitt, "1830s Triptych" (fiction)
Natalie Sypolt, "The Sound of Holding Your Breath"
Rachel Rosolina, "Cold Light" (creative nonfiction)
Elizabeth Gaucher, "Allons, Enfants: A Young 
      Appalachian in Paris"
 (creative nonfiction)

Still: The Journal nominees for the 2016 
Best of the Net 
Janna McMahan, "Scab" (fiction)
Larry Thacker, "Dead of Winter" (fiction)
Kathleen Driskell "At New Hope Facility" (poetry)
D. A. Gray "Nocturne" (poetry)
Matthew Haughton "Tobacco Fields" (poetry)
Sonja Johanson "murmuration" (poetry)
Leslie LaChance "Vesper" (poetry)
Sosha Pinson "Re-entering The Garden" (poetry)
Julia Campbell Johnson "Crossing Over
      (creative nonfiction)
Susan Tekulve "The Peach Season
      (creative nonfiction)

~ Still: The Journal was awarded the e-Appalachia Award for Outstanding Website from the Appalachian Studies Association in March, 2014. The award is presented annually "in recognition of an outstanding website that provides insight on Appalachia and its people, or provides a vital community service to Appalachia." 
"Cactus and Sky," ©Leslie LaChance; used with permission.
"Cactus, Gallatin, Tennessee," ©Leslie LaChance; used with permission.


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