Christopher McCurry

Signs of the Approaching Apocalypse 

The birds in the distance   begin to look     

            like drones.

The drones begin     to look like finally 

            I’m not afraid. 

We bought a bed 

            too big for me to reach

                        out and touch

                        the valley of your back.

At the first sign 

            of heat you say 

oh no, not you.     

There were mountains     here once.


A Suicide is Something Human 

Know your way 
like the line
through the hook’s eye

lifts the diamond 
back’s scale. 

Know your exits in the dark.

If it is to be violent  
I say only in the final moment

a smooth rock dropped 
through clear water.  


The Study of Blood

The razor blade
reeks of torn meat
stinks of origin 
the first stone 
cracked open in heat. 

This world of ours
puckers to a hard kiss.

Let me just be wild with hair. 

Let me be the first man 

with the first woman
for the first time 

a people flowing forth.


Christopher McCurry is an editor at Accents Publishing and Field Office Advocate for Poets. His poems have appeared in Diode, The Louisville Review, Rabbit Catastrophe Review and Rattle


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