#45: Summer, 2024
Joseph Bathanti
Michael Lockett
Susan Long
Beth Meko
Carli Moses

Rebecca Baggett
Mildred Kiconco Barya
Ace Boggess
Jeanne Bryner
Kai Coggin
Connie Jordan Green
Jeff Hardin
Nancy K. Jentsch
Jeremy Lloyd
James Patrick Long
Lisa M. Miller

Sally Stewart Mohney
Deni Naffziger
Linda Parsons
Amy Le Ann Richardson
Kelsey A. Solomon
Noah Soltau
Sandra Vrana
Karen J. Weyant
Frederick Wilbur
Ellen June Wright

Dianne Aprile
Neema Avashia
Sheila McEntee
Marta Regn
Lacy Snapp


Jonathan Corcoran

author of the celebrated memoir No Son of Mine

Featured Artist

William Woolfitt

“Writer with a mountain-shaped soul”


What We Do in the Hollows

a collaborative, cryptid-themed book project by Renée K. Nicholson 
and Sally Jane Brown


Laura Dennis on Ring of Earth, stories by William Woolfitt
Mary Sophie Filicetti on Hollow Bones, a novel by Erica Wright
Tommy Hays on Kings of Coweetsee, a novel by Dale Neal
Lucien Darjeun Meadows on The Running Body, memoir by Emily Pifer
Bess N Mobley on Burn, poems by Sara Henning
Matthew Wimberley on Intimacy of Spoons, poems by Jim Minick

Literary Nominations

Congratulations to our contributors nominated for the annual Best of the Net Anthology Prize and The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses Prize.

photo by Dereck Hammers 

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