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Still Life is our regular feature that invites writers, artists, and musicians to share a favorite creative prompt or craft lesson, or to tell us about a book, poem, song, or film that’s been inspirational to them. Still Life offers opinions, experiences, or lessons on creativity, artistic processes, and the role of arts in culture.

For this installment of Still Life, we’re featuring some writing advice, presented in the unmistakable and remarkable visual style of Robert Gipe. “Do Not Break the Dream” first appeared in Piano in a Sycamore: Writing Lessons from the Appalachian Writers' Workshop, edited by Silas House and Marianne Worthington (Hindman Settlement School, 2017). Reprinted here with permission of Robert Gipe.

Do Not Break the Dream

Writing Lessons
by Robert Gipe

Robert Gipe is the author of three novels and the founding producer of the Higher Ground community performance series. He grew up in Kingsport, Tennessee and lives in Harlan, Kentucky.


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