Cory Collins 

Sonnet of a Soda Can 

His finger poised beneath my silver tab, 

his taste buds requiring sweet Mountain Dew, 

he cleaves me open like a bleeding scab; 

I caterwaul in form of fountain spew. 

This breath of sky makes my womb effervesce,

as my tightly pincered skin condensates.

Pockets of air and liquid coalesce, 

into his lips, the fluid carbonates.

His teeth, gilded by surging, golden drink, 

smile as his tongue absorbs the final taste.

A sigh escapes, I feel my airways shrink, 

his hands tighten –strangle neck and waist. 

         In my hollowed body, a song is hushed, 

         the wind interrupted, my body crushed.



Cory Collins is a writer and sports journalist from Vanceburg, Kentucky, and a graduate of Transylvania University. His latest novella, All the Nameless Stones: The Ballad of Brodie McRae, debuted on October 10, 2013, and is available online and in stores in the Lexington area. Collins is currently a candidate for a Masters in Sports Journalism at IUPUI. 


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