Danni Quintos 

Dad’s Accent

marinate ears in Tagalog

for the first eleven years,

season with Brady Bunch English

then move across an ocean,

your round brown face & bowl cut

lost in a Hawaiian airport.

live in L.A. with relatives, but learn

the stoney surfer drawl,

palm trees plastic compared

to your fruit-heavy home.

then move to the breastbone

where Michigan’s watery foot

tiptoes, Chicago. all tall

& cold. let the wind blow

through your tongue, burn it

on thick pizza & celery salted hotdogs.

then, head south to your new home.

the anklebone of Kentucky,

where FFA jackets make you think of L.A. gangs,

where talk is slow, where bundok

becomes boondock & your metal

dirt hands work machine into car,

Japanese food into country mouths,

your daughters from bluegrass soil



Danni Quintos is a Lexington, Kentucky, native and a proud new member of the Affrilachian Poets. She is an alumna of Kentucky's Governor's School for the Arts and The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. She will be attending Indiana University in Fall 2013 to receive an MFA in Poetry.  


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