Daniel Joseph Dorff & Ronnie Kuller perform "Snob Macabre" from The Quiltbox Sessions

(Ol Kentuck Recordings, 2013)

We are swooning over The Quiltbox Sessions, the newest musical offering from Ol Kentuck Recordings. Dan Dorff and Ronnie Kuller dazzle on this instrumental recording featuring original compositions by these talented musicians as well as arrangements for accordion, fiddle and piano of Prokofiev, Mozart, Bach and the Brazilian folk musician/composer Jacob do Bandolim.


The music was recorded at The Quiltbox in Louisville, Kentucky. Recorded and produced by Daniel Martin Moore for his label, The Quiltbox Sessions CD has been described as “a wide-ranging album of stark beauty and intimacy, and it finds each multi-instrumentalist playing accordion and piano, with Ronnie adding violin, and Dan adding drums. It's not quite a classical record, not quite jazz. It lives in a difficult-to-name place that is probably best described as Folk music. It's the sort of album that makes a half an hour seem to vanish in its train.” 

Moore says that Dorff and Kuller "are extraordinary musicians, each in their own ways. I can remember when Dan first played some of these demos for me back in the winter of 2012.  He had just come back from Chicago where he'd gone to rehearse with Mucca Pazza, a band he and Ronnie both play in. At some point during that trip, they managed to carve out some piano and accordion time, and the tangos they had whipped up were so charming. I remember saying to Dan, 'Y'all should record this stuff for Ol Kentuck'. There's a magic in their collaboration, a musical kinship, that I really enjoy."