Erik Tuttle is a poet and photographer from Girdler, Kentucky. Previously the five-year apprentice to the late experimental art photographer James Baker Hall, Erik now works commercially in the greater Kansas City area. He also serves as Editor of Wind Magazine, Kentucky’s longest running independent literary journal. His previous publications include F-Stop Magazine, Cold Mountain Review, File Magazine, and cover photographs for Motif: Writing by Ear and Kentucky Vein.

Erik Tuttle: Artist’s Statement:

Minor White said to successfully photograph, you must “be still with yourself until the object of your attention affirms your presence.” Photography was, for him, and is, for me, a relationship. It is shared by two, not a hunt and capture by one. Stillness, attention and affirmation are the guides I follow when I try to make a picture. Exposing film to light is a momentous event. A latent image appearing in the darkroom is a miraculous event. To honor those moments, you must wait until you’ve been affirmed. These pictures are all memories of those exchanges. They form a rough collection of personal saints, and the times they interceded.