Featured Artist 

Jeanne Marie Hibberd 

"Madison Farm" ©Jeanne Marie Hibberd, used with permission

            Jeanne Marie Hibberd is the Development & Communications Director for Hindman Settlement School. Her photos have been used to promote the mission of the Settlement School for the past nine years. Jeanne Marie has worked in the nonprofit and community development field for 30 years, mostly in the Appalachian region. She has a BA in Philosophy from Berea College and lives in Berea, Kentucky.

"Bloodroot" ©Jeanne Marie Hibberd, used with permission


Artist's Statement: 

            A camera is a great tool for discovering joy in its many forms and sharing that joy with others. I don’t care much for the technical side of photography, but I love capturing what my heart sees. Some of the very best writers I know have said they write, because they can’t not write. I feel that way about taking pictures. The “Like Peas in a Pod” series was shot using the Hipstamatic photo application on my iPhone. I am grateful to photographers Malcolm J. Wilson and Jennifer Molley Wilson for teaching me how to see in a new way. 

                                                         ~Jeanne Marie Hibberd


"Pea Bowl" ©Jeanne Marie Hibberd, used with permission


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