G. A. Smith 

13.6.29 (Kelly asks what do you want)

I want to know what those cramps feel like when you stain my sheets.

I wanna feel rain cut my skin on a motorcycle.

I want antiperspirants that work.

I wanna touch the tip of Tillicum’s noise and say “I’m listening.”

I want echolocation, feel my ears rotate to find you in the dark.

I wanna another sunrise at High Bridge, drunk sipping box wine stashed in water bottle, 

      your head on my shoulder.

I want to remember that stripper’s name so I can finish a poem.

I wanna write about my parents.

I want my ukulele to lose its dust blanket.

I wanna stop chasing muses.



Born outside Seattle, Washington, G.A. Smith has lived in his paternal family roots of Central Kentucky since 2000. An alumnus of both the Governor’s School for the Arts (2007) and The Twenty (2011-2013), his work has been featured in pluck! The Journal of Affrilachian Arts & Culture and The Lumberyard 


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