Three Poems by Katerina Stoykova

Another Dream   

the mailman leans 
to kiss her

she pulls away
her face 

yet leaves
her body pressed 

he explains 
the boxes of books

are going 
to another’s address

pick them up there
he says and

dissolves forever
at the top

of a parking lot
she waits

for her love
to drive by 

and together
to spiral down

then at the beach
she sees a shell

once she used to love
its pearl

she picks it up –

a slipper with no pair
she walks for days

and seeks
the sea is nowhere

So, You Miss Your Depression.
So, You Cherish Your Loneliness.

Oh, how good it feels
to be back in touch
with the auto-erotic self-pity.
Ah, the one-armed swimming,
the single oar circling 
away from solace.
You don’t really want
to feel better, do you?
Stranded in the emotional soup
like a frog on a water lily, 
what if you never write
anything better?
Anything ever?
What if you trailed mistakes,
year after year
in the branch tree of
bad decisions?
Potential is
as potential does,
despite how smart
you believe you are.
How far 
have you strayed
from your real life?

What is the difference

between a bird cage
and a bird house.

What is the evidence
of the inevitable.

What makes sense
to the roaming mind

looking for land.
Raising the stakes

like a barricade 
against reality.

Now I see danger,
now I don’t give a feather.

I want to perch on your palm
and home there.

Katerina Stoykova is the author of several award-winning poetry books and the Senior Editor of Accents Publishing, where she has selected, edited, and published close to 80 poetry collections. She hosts the literary radio show Accents on WRFL 88.1FM. Katerina acted in the lead roles in the independent feature films Proud Citizen and Fort Maria, both directed by Thom Southerland. She splits her time between the coast of the Black Sea and the rolling hills of Kentucky. Katerina writes, lives and thinks in two languages.