Katerina Stoykova

The Time I Failed 

to get 
my period
I panicked 
and went
to see 
a friend

of a friend
who had 
ways to get 

to let
the uterus 
open up
and drop 
its fruit.

Thank you 
for taking 
root, Apple 
of my eye.


Katerina Stoykova is the author of several poetry books in English and Bulgarian, most recently The Porcupine of Mind (Broadstone Books, 2012, in English) and How God Punishes (ICU, 2014, in Bulgarian), which won the Ivan Nikolov National Poetry Prize. She is the editor of The Season of Delicate Hunger: Anthology of Contemporary Bulgarian Poetry (Accents Publishing, 2014), for which she also translated the works of 29 of the 32 included authors. She hosts Accents – a radio show for literature, art and culture on WRFL in Lexington, Kentucky. In January 2010, Katerina launched the independent literary press Accents Publishing


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