Matt Prater

We Do Not Say The Candle Is Put Out.
A Candle Is Only Ever Put To Rest.

—Kabir Helminski

Of course someday the gyroscope
in which we have been set to spin

will spin on without these bodies
which, for a while, we thought us,

and thought the catalyzing weight
that set the dizzy whirligig aplomb,

yet for now I have a being left to be—
lithesome, spindly like green twigs,

yet ready to punch and swerve 
with metronomes of swelter

the dawn dark with its pour 
of egg into the spittling stars.

What does it matter whether
I say this is enough, or never?


Matt Prater is currently an MFA candidate at Virginia Tech. His work has appeared in Appalachian Heritage, Appalachian Journal, Still: The Journal, and Now & Then, among other publications. He lives in Saltville, Virginia.


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