The Moon Altogether by Michael Williams

the moon altogether
new was born again
last night
I stood and watched
in the frigid air
clouds of my own breath
reach for clouds overhead
I knew it but I have no words 
to tell you why

the rabbit in the moon 
does not twitch its ears
nor thump its foot
yet from its still shadow
I cannot turn my eyes away.

tee da moon, daddy
the toddler says
tee da moon
on a cloudy night
where da moon, daddy
hiding, sweetheart

the moon sings its low
hymn of tides
neither startled
nor afraid

   Born in Kentucky, Michael E. Williams spent most of his life in Tennessee where he wrote and published for over four decades. His poetry appeared in the Southern Poetry Review, Appalachian Heritage, Still: The Journal, and the Pikeville Review, among other places. He wrote two poetry chapbooks, Take Nothing for Your Journey (Finishing Line Press, 2016) and The Khristos Cantos (Finishing Line Press, 2017). 

On March 19, 2018, Michael passed away suddenly. In addition to being a friend and supporter of Still: The Journal, he was a regular attendee at the Appalachian Writers’ Workshop at Hindman Settlement School. Until June, 2017, he was senior minister at West End United Methodist Church in Nashville. After his retirement, he served as Writer/Storyteller-in-Residence at Martin Methodist College.

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