Poetry by Nancy K. Jentsch

A Night on Sexton's Creek

Moon rises limber

over mountain cabin

lights eyes of coon

who laps water

Behind mountain cabin

hemlock shelters hound

who laps water

from spring-fed stream

Hemlock shelters hound

as clouds weep

over spring-fed stream

where minnows school

Clouds weep

over cabin and hemlock

where minnows school

rain lulls sleep

In cabin under hemlock

pooled dreams steep

rain lulls sleep

taps tin roof

As pooled dreams steep

hound’s hemlock freshens

taps soften tin roof

till morning’s heron soars

Nancy K. Jentsch is author of the poetry collection Between the Row (Shanti Arts, 2022) and the chapbooks Authorized Visitors (Cherry Grove Collections, 2017) and Frame and Mount the Sky (Finishing Line Press, 2017). Since 2008, when she began writing, her work has appeared in Braided Way, Crowstep Poetry Journal, Tiferet Journal, and Zingara Poetry Review. In 2020 she received an Artist Enrichment Grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women. She retired after 37 years of teaching at Northern Kentucky University and finds a bounty of inspiration for her writing in her family and her rural home.