Bloom and Fade:  A Poetry Sampler 

We titled this sampler of poems after a line in Sean Purio's poem collected here. "Bloom and fade" seemed to be the theme that occurred and recurred in these verses: the onset of autumn, the resonance of early dark, the blight of trees, and a pulsing of loss and grief. These poems also resist the fatalism and resignation of death, hunger, regret, even seasonal depression and Trump flags on a beach. Open this sampler and prepare to be inspired by the tenacity of language. We're honored to share these poem with you.

~Marianne Worthington, poetry editor

                                                                          photo ┬ęDereck Hammers

Laura Treacy Bentley

Karen L. George
Let's Make a Pact on Remembrance

Rachel Glass
A Letter from My Gran to My Grandpa

Pamela Hirschler
Another Life

Bill King
The Kite Master

Valerie Nieman
Sweet Autumn

Dante Novario
Winter, Why?

Linda Parsons
Travels with My Father

David Phillips
My Hemlock

Sean Purio
A Proper Burial

E. Samples
Drawing Dead

Kathryn Weld
What Darkness Holds


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