The Moment Of: A Poetry Sampler 


This collection of poems was inspired by Melissa Helton’s retelling of the Phineas Gage story, the railroad worker in Vermont who, in 1848, survived an explosion that resulted in a tamping iron entering his skull and exiting through his cheek. It happened in a “fraction of a fraction of a second—.” Not all of the moments recreated in this collection of poems are as intense as the occasion of Phineas Gage’s injury, but all of the poems here find meaning in those quick flashes—the dust of summer, the falling leaves, the felling of a sycamore tree, the footsteps of children—so that we can relive all the vital moments remembered in these poems.

~Marianne Worthington, poetry editor


Melissa Helton
            Phineas, the Moment of

Tyler S. Collins

Marilyn Kallet
            Moth Light

Laura Long
            November Song

Mary Moore

Jeremy Michael Reed
            Pantoum: The Sycamore Tree

Jane Sasser
            End Times

Jessica Thompson
            Cataloging the Mood Ring Diaries

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