Music: A Poetry Sampler 


How happy it makes me to publish these poems linked by harmony, rhythm, and refrain.

This sampler began to shape itself after I read Bobbi Buchanan’s “Orphan Song” which contains the percussive, hymn-like phrase “the ragged crowns of cottonwoods.” With that musical notion as inspiration, I began to search for other poems that used music in voice or structure. Here, then, are ten poets’ words that remind us of poetry’s connections to music and of the contours of nocturnes, dances, ballads, protest songs, rounds, and the blues. Listen. 

~Marianne Worthington, poetry editor


Joyce Compton Brown

Bobbi Buchanan

D. A. Gray

Jeff Hardin

Clyde Kessler

Jim Minick

Roberta Schultz

Andi Stout

Gail Tyson

Robert West

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