Rivers: A Poetry Sampler 


We liked how these poems stressed bodies of water—mostly rivers, but also creeks, streams, and lakes—some of them personified, some highlighted as backdrop, some polluted with “catshit and litter curling in the current.” Others are “eloquent rivers rimmed with wooded hills,” and some are frozen with “chunks of ice singing.” In these poems, we especially admired the pounding of “the surf that does not tire / of repeating the same story” as the rivers spoke in these poems, all of them “having slid around the ankles of the living and the dead.” 

~Marianne Worthington, poetry editor


Sarah Diamond Burroway

Nancy Fletcher Cassell
            Black Waterfall, Yellowstone

Avery M. Guess
            Moving to San Francisco, I Visit Laura and Alex . . .

Evan Gurney

Kathleen Brewin Lewis
            Waiting for a Pear to Ripen in Pittsburgh

Maren O. Mitchell
            Watching Water

Stephen Pearson
            You Might've Read of Rambling Rivers
               Gallipollis Ferry, West Virginia

Annie Woodford
            Geography Vocabulary

  ©Jackie White Rogers; used with permission 

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