Thresholds: A Poetry Sampler 

The idea for this themed group of poems began with Larry Thacker’s “Porches: A Death” and expanded into that unknown arena (“a little dream, a little dread”) that poets are always entering—just on the threshold of memory, of change, of loss—and attempting to bring to light with language. The poems collected here consider literal porches as well as the transformative experiences of family, friendships, animals, and the natural world. Click below to read the nine lessons gathered here on the verges of change.

~Marianne Worthington, poetry editor

Walker Bass
     Learning to Name

Bill Brown
     The Hollow Step

Cat Dixon
     The Mother's Creed

Cyn Kitchen Fitch

Andy Fogle
     New Years Eve

William Scott Hanna
     The Only House on the Left

C. Ann Kodra
     The Homing Heart

Rosemary Royston

Larry Thacker
     Porches: A Death

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