The Weather Inside the House:  A Poetry Sampler 

We've borrowed poet Kevin Chesser's poem title to group the poems in this collection. We liked how these poems explore the climate of interiors—inside a house, inside a room, inside a mirrored reflection, inside the mind. Thanks to all the poets featured here, especially those making their debut appearance in Still:  Gaby Bedetti, Anna Harris-Parker, Joshua Lavender, Jimmy Long, and Bonnie Thibodeau.

~Marianne Worthington, poetry editor

Gaby Bedetti

Kevin Chesser
The Weather Inside the House

Catherine Pritchard Childress

Pauletta Hansel
Villanelle in a Minor Key

Anna Harris-Parker

Jane Hicks

Joshua Lavender

Jimmy Long
The Batman

Lisa Parker
The Preacher's Daughter Studies Her Reflection

Bonnie Thibodeau
Bird Nest in a Bell Jar

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