Robert West 



A turn unlost
a phrase unturned
a line uncrossed
a bridge unburned

a bed unmade
a bell unrung
a price unpaid
a curse unflung

a point unpressed
a vow unbroken
a shame unguessed
a name unspoken

a match unwon
a rift unriven
so much undone

and unforgiven.


On a Collected Poems

You close the book convinced
the one real happiness she had

was making all those marvels
out of so much feeling sad.


What She Said

Boy you’d

look both

before you

the street

think twice

you cross


Robert West grew up in Henderson County in western North Carolina, and now lives in Starkville, Mississippi; he teaches in the Department of English at Mississippi State University. His poems have appeared in Southern Poetry Review, Christian Science Monitor, Poetry, Asheville Poetry Review, Ted Kooser’s American Life in Poetry, and elsewhere; his poetry chapbook Convalescent was published by Finishing Line Press. With Jonathan Greene he is co-editor of Succinct: The Broadstone Anthology of Short Poems (Broadstone Books, 2013). Robert's work has also previously appeared in Still: The Journal.


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