Sosha Pinson

2013 Poetry Contest Judge's Selection 


Abandoned Daughter’s Praise Song

I praise the open palm of draught offering my mother 

a stone I praise as round as the head of a newborn 

in a dried-up creek bed I praise the patience of water 

years it peeled away rough edges I praise like skin 

of an orange I praise my mother’s clean tongue to lick 

the salt and sand off the stone’s bottom I praise dream 

cries she hears I praise the wincing way she opens her shirt 

seeing stone has no mouth to suckle squeezing her breast 

I praise the milk that does not come but water I praise stone 

refusing to drink I praise crumbling against her chest I 

praise Mother emptying without pause I praise ponds 

up to her thighs          rising



Sosha Pinson is a 24-year-old eastern Kentucky native currently residing in Fairfax, Virginia. She is attending Drew University's Low Residency MFA Program in Poetry and working full time as an office assistant for Inspiration Plumbing. In her spare time she crochets and daydreams about mountains.