Travis Stidham 

Brother Tongue

Before twin beds grew to full size

we whispered colors to the dark.

When pole light was the only light

in the house, stretching bright ribbons

through the hall, we tossed a book

with thick cardboard pages across

the room from one bed to another. 

A child held one balloon by a loopy

string on each page with a single

primary color printed underneath.

I lay under cartoon blankets lingering

on a balloon long enough for my brother

to tune to my silence so he could guess

which color I had chosen.

There was a language we once had

before miles and gravestones stood

between us, before twin beds grew

to full, when we whispered colors

to the dark. 


Travis Stidham hosts his own poetry series, Treehouse Poets Series, the first Saturday of every month in Hazard, Kentucky.  He is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University filling the empty spaces in his work schedule with reading, writing, and carousing with other writers. 


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