Photo by Jan Mellström on Unsplash

#27: Summer 2018

Mike Burrell
     Before They Wake

Jennifer Gravley
     We Began to Live

Melissa Minsker

Gary Thomas Smith

Lydia A. Cyrus
     Open Water

David Evans
     Divine Wind

Mary Sansom
     Little Lives

Julie Marie Wade

A retrospective of past artists
hillbilly: a documentary film

Amanda Bales

Brittany J. Barron 

Brian Fanelli

James A. Jordan

Lucien Darjeun Meadows

Rita Quillen


A Poetry Sampler: The Observable Universe

dedicated to the memory of Michael Williams

Clint Carol 

Jessica Fischoff 

Connie Jordan Green

Marc Harshman 

Scott Honeycutt 

Llewellyn McKernan 

Anna Egan Smucker 

Jen Stein 

Allison Thorpe 

Michael Williams

Wiley Cash
      author of The Last Ballad
Larry Thacker
     Every day, pen in hand - Be ready
Congratulations to Still: The Journal fiction editor Silas House on the publication of his new novel, Southernmost, from Algonquin Books.  

Still: The Journal was awarded the e-Appalachia Award for Outstanding Website from the Appalachian Studies Association in March, 2014. The award is presented annually "in recognition of an outstanding website that provides insight on Appalachia and its people, or provides a vital community service to Appalachia." 


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