detail of an image by Meg Wilson. Used with permission. 

Still: The Journal 
#22 Fall, 2016

2016 Fiction Contest Winners

First Prize ~ Natalie Sypolt
The Sound of Holding Your Breath

Judge's Choice ~ Monic Ductan

Judge's Choice ~ Jayne Moore Waldrop
Mint Springs

. . . and new fiction from

Cecile Dixon
Squeeze Inn

Shaun Turner
The Blue Heron

2016 Creative nonfiction Contest Winners

First Prize ~ Rachel Rosolina
Cold Light

Judge's Choice ~ Richard Hague

Judge's Choice ~ Christopher Martin
Of War and the Red-tailed Hawk

. . . and new creative nonfiction from

Donna Tolley Corriher
Opening Segment of Your Introduction to the
                    Fifth World

Tia Jensen
The Art of Leaving

S. Diane Wellman
               Vignettes from a Young Girl's Life

©Alice Hale Adams. Used with permission. 


Kayla Rae Whitaker

book review

Sherry Chandler on The Birds of Opulence,
      a novel by Crystal Wilkinson

Kathleen Brewin Lewis on Everything in the
, poems by Amy Wright

featured artist

Meg Wilson


The Local Honeys

still life ~ meditations on creativity

in the news . . .

 ©Alice Hale Adams. Used with permission. 

2016 Poetry Contest Winners

First Prize ~ Doug Van Gundy
Last Thoughts on Electronic Voice Projection

Judge's Choice ~ Jen Dracos-Tice
Bidding on Gratification

Judge's Choice ~ Rick Mulkey
An Explanation

. . . and new poetry from

Andy Fogle

Leigh Anne Hornfeldt

Bill King

Lori Lamothe

Allison Thorpe

Kaitlen Whitt

©Alice Hale Adams. Used with permission.


A Poetry Sampler: Purpose of Darkness


Ace Boggess
Candace Butler
Gregory Crosby
Lois Marie Harrod
Ron Houchin
Julia Campbell Johnson
Misty Skaggs
Jessica Spruill 
Kathryn Weld
Michael Williams


A Poetry Sampler: 
The Moment Of


Tyler S. Collins
Melissa Helton
Marilyn Kallet
Laura Long
Mary Moore
Jeremy Michael Reed
Jane Sasser
Jessica Thompson

©Kathi Whitley. Used with permission.

© Alice Hale Adams. Used with permission.


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