Photo by Jan Mellström on Unsplash

#26: Winter 2018

Neva Bryan

Courtney Lucas
     Redbud Winter

Emily Masters
     Coke Ovens

Matt Prater
     Those Left Behind

Sarah Diamond Burroway

Katie Fallon

Richard Hague
     Ice Time

Joseph Lezza
     Death, the Moon & Dry-Rubbed

Beth Newberry
     Dispatch from Bordeaux
Nicholas Jamerson

Alice Beecher

Tresha Faye Haefner

Leigh Cheak, Ron Houchin, and Pauletta Hansel (a collaborative poem)

Sonja Johanson

Leslie LaChance

William Woolfitt


A Poetry Sampler: Thresholds

Walker Bass

Bill Brown

Cat Dixon

Cyn Kitchen Fitch

Andy Fogle

William Scott Hanna

C. Ann Kodra

Rosemary Royston

Larry Thacker

Holly Goddard Jones
      author of The Salt Line
Rebecca Elswick
     Mine Your Memory
Congratulations to Still contributor Sosha Pinson, a finalist in poetry for the 2017 Best of the Net Anthology, for her poem "God-The-Mother in My Bedroom As A Fossil My Dad Brought From The Mines."

Still: The Journal was awarded the e-Appalachia Award for Outstanding Website from the Appalachian Studies Association in March, 2014. The award is presented annually "in recognition of an outstanding website that provides insight on Appalachia and its people, or provides a vital community service to Appalachia." 


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