Photo by Dereck Hammers

#29: Winter, 2019
Chelyen Davis

Melanie Haws
   A Ride on the 11:10

Marie Manilla
   Umber Girl, 1983

Natalie Sypolt
Neema Avashia

Gordon Johnston

Cassie Mullins Moses
   Godey Spurlock

Cat Pleska
   Tossing Jim from the Bridge
Savannah Sipple
Tiffany Williams: When You Go
Glenn Taylor
WWJD and Other Poems
      poems by Savannah Sipple
      reviewed by Pauletta Hansel

The Sound of Holding Your Breath
      stories by Natalie Sypolt
      reviewed by Penny Zang
Roseanna Alice Boswell
   Love Poem in Rural Oklahoma
   On Being Fat-shamed While Out with Your                          Conventionally Attractive Boyfriend
   Fable for Lost Things

Michael Dowdy
   The Future Alluvial
   If Tomorrow

Matthew Hummer
   Heretic's Prayer

Clyde Kessler
   Cold Spell
   Winter Solstice at Pandapas Pond
   Father in Winter

Erin Miller Reid

Jane Sasser
   How to Engineer a Sonnet
   Love Poem

Adele Elise Williams
   When You Are Ready The World Gives You A Gift
   Tift Merritt is breastfeeding in the bathroom stall

Annie Woodford
   I Must Be Born Again
   Those Factories Had Heart-Pine Floors
   Demijohn: Bent Mountain

A Poetry Sampler: 
The Weather Inside the House


Gaby Bedetti
Kevin Chesser
Catherine Pritchard Childress
Pauletta Hansel
Anna Harris-Parker
Jane Hicks
Joshua Lavender
Jimmy Long
Lisa Parker
Bonnie Thibodeau

A retrospective of past artists
Congratulations to our Pushcart Prize nominees, 2019

    Amanda Bales, Agnes & Elpis (poetry)

    Michelle Castleberry, Lauds (poetry)

    Meagan Lucas, Voluntary Action (fiction)

    Erin Miller Reid, The Offering (fiction)

    David Evans, Divine Wind (creative nonfiction)

    Keith Stewart, Sancti (creative nonfiction)

Congratulations to our Best of the Net nominees, 2018

    Amanda Jo Slone, Marrowbone (fiction)

    Gary Thomas Smith, Raw (fiction)

    Sean L. Corbin, You missed it Father (poetry)

    Cat Dixon, The Mother's Creed (poetry)

    Brian Fanelli, April Light (poetry)

    Leslie LaChance, Day Lies Down on Dingle Hill (poetry)

    Lucien Darjeun Meadows, Evening Primrose (poetry)

    Katherine Smith, Red Shoe (poetry)

    Katie Fallon, Feeding (creative nonfiction)

    Richard Hague, Ice Time (creative nonfiction)

photo by Dereck Hammers

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