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#28: Fall 2018
2018 Fiction Contest Winners:

Erin Miller Reid
      The Offering

Lana K. W. Austin

Meagan Lucas
      Voluntary Action

2018 Creative Nonfiction Contest Winners:

Dalton Monk
      City Boy

Keith Stewart

Robin Talbert
      My Mother, My Stepmother, and            Doris Day

also featuring new work from: 

Julia Campbell Johnson
     A Hard Rain

Jeremy Michael Reed
      Higgins Lake

Daphne Roe
      Kentucky Ghostscapes

Mary Gauthier: Rifles & Rosary Beads
A retrospective of past artists
2018 Poetry Contest Winners:

Kari Gunter-Seymour
      The Weeds In This Garden

Michelle Castleberry

Benjamin Cutler
      The Gods Who Might Be Geese

also featuring new work from: 

Tina Parker

Daniel J. Pizappi

Nicole Yurcaba


A Poetry Sampler: Conversations with Dolly Parton at 3 a.m. and Other Poems


Makayla Gay
Wendy Dinwiddie
Renee Emerson
Karen George
Pauletta Hansel
Melissa Helton
Thomas Alan Holmes
William Rieppe Moore
James Owens
Linda Parsons
Jason Roberts

Pauletta Hansel's Palindrome
      reviewed by Linda Parsons
Dana Wildsmith
     Writing What You Don't Know Yet
Congratulations to our Pushcart Prize nominees, 2019

    Amanda Bales, Agnes & Elpis (poetry)

    Michelle Castleberry, Lauds (poetry)

    Meagan Lucas, Voluntary Action (fiction)

    Erin Miller Reid, The Offering (fiction)

    David Evans, Divine Wind (creative nonfiction)

    Keith Stewart, Sancti (creative nonfiction)

Congratulations to our Best of the Net nominees, 2018

    Amanda Jo Slone, Marrowbone (fiction)

    Gary Thomas Smith, Raw (fiction)

    Sean L. Corbin, You missed it Father (poetry)

    Cat Dixon, The Mother's Creed (poetry)

    Brian Fanelli, April Light (poetry)

    Leslie LaChance, Day Lies Down on Dingle Hill (poetry)

    Lucien Darjeun Meadows, Evening Primrose (poetry)

    Katherine Smith, Red Shoe (poetry)

    Katie Fallon, Feeding (creative nonfiction)

    Richard Hague, Ice Time (creative nonfiction)

photo by Dereck Hammers

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