detail of "Waffle House" by Lisa Flanary. Used with permission. 

Still: The Journal 
#21 Summer, 2016

Janna McMahan

Nick Mullins

Anthony Otten
The Judge's Son

Short Takes . . .

Leslie LaChance
Maeve and Viv

Kathy May
Spirit, Riding

Nora Burton
Inside a Frozen Heart

Elizabeth Gaucher
Allons, Enfants: A Young Appalachian in Paris

Cecele Allen Kraus
Pentecostal Blues

Jim Minick

"Philadelphia" © Erik Tuttle. Used with permission. 


Jeff Daniel Marion

book review

Bethann Bowman reviews
Jeff Daniel Marion: Poet on the Holston

featured artist

Lisa Flanary


Amythyst Kiah

still life ~ meditations on creativity

in the news . . .

"Pharmacy"  © Erik Tuttle. Used with permission. 

Bill Brown

Chella Courington

Jarred Johnson

A. N. Lawrence

George Ella Lyon

Jeff Daniel Marion

Jay McCoy

Doug Van Gundy

C. McAllister Williams

"Wrigley" © Erik Tuttle. Used with permission.


A Poetry Sampler: Standing in the Orchard


Patricia Alice Albrecht
Tasha Cotter
Chris Green
Connie Jordan Green
Karen Paul Holmes
Jules Jacob
Laura McPherson
Catherine Moore
Karah Stokes


A Poetry Sampler: 
Unlikely Grace


Walker Bass
Kate Fadick
Carol Grametbauer
Pauletta Hansel
Michelle Hendrixson-Miller
Thomas Alan Holmes
Tina Parker
Katerina Stoykova-Klemer
Jamey Hill Temple

"Mirror" © Erik Tuttle. Used with permission.

"The Mountains Have Come Closer" © Erik Tuttle. Used with permission.


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