"Going Back Down Big Hill," ©John Lackeyused with permission

Still: The Journal 
#25 Fall 2017

Contest Winners in Fiction

First Prize: Lonormi Manuel

            An Unmarked Grave

Judge's Choice: John Roche Guerra
            All the Things That Matter

Judge's Choice: Brandon J. Johnson
            Other Delights

~  & featuring new work from:

Elise Demeter

"Bar Toys," ©Leslie LaChance; used with permission.
"Cleome, Gallatin, Tennessee," ©Leslie LaChance; used with permission.


Whitney Dangerfield

featured artist

John Lackey


Bill Withers

"'shrooms," ©Leslie LaChance; used with permission.

"Echinacea" ©Leslie LaChance; used with permission.

Photographs throughout Issue 25 are from
Leslie LaChance, a poet, essayist, and teacher. 
She also takes photographs every day, using the photographic moment as a means to focus attention and practice mindful observation.  Among her favorite photographic subjects are gardens and honky tonks. Leslie lives in
Nashville, Tennessee and teaches English at Volunteer State Community College. You can follow her photographic exploits on Instagram, where she posts as Fortunajones. Still has
featured her prose and poetry in our pages, so we're especially glad to share her photography
in this issue.
(Credits top, l-r: "Nashville Star" and "Pines, Gallatin, Tennessee," used with permission.)

2017 Contest Winners in Poetry

First Prize: J. Stephen Rhodes


Judge's Choice: Bill King
            Going down the Hall on a Gurney

Judge's Choice: Joshua L. Martin
            Lost in a Field of Lilacs 

~  & featuring new work from:

Catherine Carter

Jesse Graves

Jeremy Michael Reed

Contest Winners in Creative Nonfiction

First Prize: Michael Dowdy


Judge's Choice: Sarah Diamond Burroway

Judge's Choice: David Evans
            Why We Build

 ~ & featuring new work from: 

Nora Burton
            Where the Mountains Meet the Sky

Cathryn Hankla
            Natural Disasters

Shannon Mullins
            The Physics of Memory

     "Okra, Sewanee, Tennessee," ©Leslie LaChance; used with permission.

 still life ~ meditations on creativity
Jesse Graves ~ James Agee's "Knoxville:
                                              Summer, 1915"

 in the news
                2017 Still Contest resultsbook releases, writing                        classes, prizes, conferences, and more . . . 

"There Is No Try," ©Leslie LaChance; used with permission.
          "Plaza Mariachi, Nashville, Tennessee," ©Leslie LaChance; used with permission.


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