Adanma Onyedike Barton is Assistant Professor of Theatre at Berea College and Executive Board Secretary of the Kentucky Theatre Association. Adanma holds the MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her research interests include Solo Performance and Theatre for Community Development & Social Change. She has lived in Kentucky since 2009.

4 Elephants

Majestic Reflections
The skyline invigorates me
My memories anchored to these mountains that I‘ve learned to love
A meaningful, vibrant, and pure love
Unlike anything I’ve ever felt before

Prayers in May at dusk swallowed by Shenandoah dreams

Hallow anguish
Hiking Anglin Falls

I go on.  Safe.  Unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.

Comforted by memories, the beautiful mystery of the mountains 
what exists in the moment when my lovers’ resounding snore transforms to waking breath

There are four stars in the sky that belong to us.


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