Special Poetry Section:  holy 


Poetry Editor's Note:

In our last issue, we introduced two new sections of themed poetry in addition to our regular multi-work features on individual poets. We bring you two more new sections of themed poetry in Issue 9. The poems in this section huddle up with the holy: the mysterious pain and grace that make up our sacred stories.

At Still: The Journal we continue to be inspired by our mountain mentors. Loyal Jones has studied the holy in Appalachia nearly his whole, productive life. He has discovered and chronicled the rich religious diversity and variability in the Upland South. We follow his lead in presenting these testimonies to the human condition, what Jones identified as “life-affirming elements that should not be ignored.”

Click the poets below, then, for a sampling of their hallowed life-affirming experiences. 

   “4 Elephants”
   “Leap of Faith”
   “The Alleys of Over-the-Rhine”
   “In the Spirit”
   “Isaac on the Blue Ridge”
   “The Constellations” 


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