Special Poetry Section: lingua franca 


Poetry Editor's Note:

During our 2011 reading period, we were overwhelmed with excellent poetry submissions. In an effort to celebrate as much of that excellent writing as possible, Still is offering two special sections of poetry in this issue. In addition to our regular custom of featuring the work of several poets each issue, we're debuting two new thematic poetry sections in Issue 8.

The poems in this section turn on the idea of language. At Still: The Journal we've always been inspired by James Still’s opening line from his autobiography:  “Who we are, where we came from, what our ancestors did before us, and where we lived and how we lived has much to do with what we might compose in verse and story.” We might add that how we say who we are has much to do with our verse and story as well.

Click the poets below, then, for a sampling of poems about identity in language, about writing, wordplay, and the vernacular:

   “The Hidden”
   “After the Farm, the Apartment on Hope Drive”
   “Rural Dictionary”
   “Old Words” 
   “The Poet Speaks to the Novelist about Hard Times”



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