Special Poetry Section: Student Showcase 

Poetry Editor's Note:

During our 2011 reading period, we were overwhelmed with excellent poetry submissions. In an effort to celebrate as much of that excellent writing as possible, Still is offering two special sections of poetry in this issue. In addition to our regular custom of featuring the work of several poets each issue, we're debuting two new thematic poetry sections in Issue 8.

The poems in this section were written by eight college and/or graduate students with connections to the Appalachian region. The unique and youthful perspective on some universal themes is a refreshing reading experience and bolsters our faith in writers coming up in the region. Click the poets below for a sampling of our student showcase:

   “After Reading a Placid Novel about Appalachia”
   “This is the Closest We Can Get to Heaven”
   “Cruise Control”
   “She Has Teeth”
   “Lost for Words”


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