Chrissie Anderson Peters, a native of southwestern Virginia, lives in Bristol, Tennessee, and works as a librarian at Northeast State Community College. She is a 1993 graduate of Emory & Henry College in Emory, Virginia, and holds a Masters of Science in Information Sciences from the University of Tennessee.


In the Spirit


She danced in the spirit,
round-round, round-round
the little church
on the hillside,
in the middle of the curve
as you drive towards
Baptist Valley.
Hands raised in holy hosannas,
down-down, down-down
the fiery tongues descended
before the altar
where she shouted
words only hearts
could comprehend.
Convulsing in lovely arches,
keeping time, keeping time
shoes slipped out of
and red skirt fanning
the holy ghost atop her,
within her
rhythmic writhing.
Sweat sparkling on her forehead,
slowing, slowing
like a carousel ride
ending calmly
the bobbing pole abating
and her body slumping slain
in the spirit, at peace. 


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