Special Poetry Section:  waters


Poetry Editor's Note:

In our last issue, we introduced two new sections of themed poetry in addition to our regular multi-work features on individual poets. We bring you two more new sections of themed poetry in Issue 9. The poems in this section chart the waters in Appalachia.

We’re encouraged that so many poets sent us poems about water since we are losing hundreds of miles of small headwater streams throughout central Appalachia because of radical strip mining for coal, especially mountaintop removal. The loss of these streams changes forever the delicate ecosystems of the mountains.

Visit the poets below for a sampling of poems about the literal and symbolic significance of waters.

   “Branch’s Studio”
   “The Baptizing”
   “Cutting Ice”
   “When the Raft Flips”
   “Night Crossings”
   “Song of the Middle Creek”



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