The Miner's Monologue by Brennan Hoskins

I'm trapped in this funnel. Always have been. Growin' up in a coal town don't give much stack for a great escape. Maybe I could got out if I did better in school. But we needed the money, so I went down to the mines instead. I don't think those fancy college schools would take a hick like me anyways. I got trapped in the tunnel. Back when I was young and stupid, I thought I was gonna be a baseball bigshot. Problem was, I was already a miner too long, and it weren't too kind in my lungs. Coach said the team didn't need no cougher, so baseball was shot. I got trapped in the tunnel. I made peace with it a while ago. I know I'll die here one day, but my wife and kids are gettin' fed as long as I live and breathe in the poison. I'm trapped in this tunnel. Always have been.

Brennan Hoskins is a high school junior from Harrison County, Kentucky.

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