Lament from the Wild Place:  A Poetry Sampler 

Some of our editors at Still: The Journal have been involved in contributing work to benefit Kentucky Natural Lands Trust, a nonprofit working to protect and conserve wildlands, forests, and migratory corridors across Kentucky. We thought about that important work as we grouped this sampler of poems together.  We’ve borrowed a phrase from Robert René Galván’s poem “L’heure Bleue – The Time of Evening” to title this sampler, as it perfectly captures the tone and themes of these poems included here. With all of its menace, magnificence, and mystery, the wild places beckon us to be both in the wild and of the wild. 

~Marianne Worthington, poetry editor

                                                                          photo ©Dereck Hammers

Roy Bentley
The Night Boat Tour, 2007

Robert René Galván
L’heure Bleue – The Time of Evening

Ben Groner III
Total Eclipse

Marc Harshman
Garden Lament in Spring

Joshua Jones

Charlie Malone
Solstice, June 2018

M. Daniel McCrotty

Jeremy Paden
Cave Run Lake

Rachel Anne Parsons
Gone with the Hen

Randi Ward


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