apotheosis by Fiona Jones

your wings brush across the wooden walls,
struggling, as your lifeless corpse dangles
upon a burning sun

there it goes





now what?
isnt it time now?
cross the river of life and death
and leave this cruel world behind

i wont let you go
i’ll trap you inside of me
and impart you to another
then another
then another

i will sustain you
i will receive you
i will devour you
i will kill you
i will become you
i am you
cast aside your mortal shell
carve your name into my skin
and let us become one, dear friend

born anew
we will transcend mortality
and raise a glass;



Fiona Jones is a sophomore in high school at The Francis Parker School of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky. She primarily writes short and abstract poetry, reflecting on important moments in her life, her societal views and experiences as a transgender woman, abusive relationships, and semi-metaphysical philosophy.

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