Tips by Fiona Jones

It’s really not an issue
if you don’t give a damn.
Probably wasn’t gonna work out anyways.
Cool hair though.
I like what you did with it.
The blue really complements your eyes
and what’s reflected in them too.
The red tips, not so much.
Red tips lie.
I had red tips once.
A bit more pinkish though.
Remember when you gave me that dye?
And when I tried to give you a septum piercing in return 
with those $8 piercing kits I bought us?
I can see your nose remembers well.
Noses have good memories.
You can tell a lot about someone from their nose,
like the holes in yours
or the way that his frames his red cheeks.
They complement his red tips pretty well, huh? 

Fiona Jones, a 17-year-old creative writing and photography student at The Francis Parker School of Louisville, specializes in poetry of both concrete and abstract nature. From an early age, she’s been fascinated with poetry as an art form, and while she aspires to one day be a therapist, has long since wanted to pursue poetry into her adulthood.

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