Jamie Elliott Keith

The Old Christenberry House

A dormered ceiling, hung
with rose-sprung paper, slants  
over the narrow bed  
like a mother bending low
to murmur a lullaby, 

and through the dark frame 
of a double-sashed window,
the pale smudge
of moon drifts behind
shadowing pines,
a blank of darkness
stubborn in its abandonment
of light, and hidden,
the far screams of a barn owl.

In the next room
a baby cries and cries.


Jamie Elliott Keith lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, where she writes and volunteers in the community. She has recent work in The Tule Review, Rust + Moth, and forthcoming in The James Dickey Review and Appalachian Heritage. She is co-editor of the poetry anthology Familiar Landscapes (Iris Press, 2015). 


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