Mothering: A Poetry Sampler 


Perhaps it was our good fortune or random happenchance; perhaps we were on the lookout for poems featuring parenting in some way (probably inspired by Eva Whittle's poems featured in this issue's poetry pages); perhaps the idea of mothering just happened to be resonating among the poets who submitted to our open reading period. Whatever it was that brought these poems together remains mysterious and unknowable, sort of like mothering. Mothering, being mothered, watching someone mother. Here are nine compelling and complex poems that speak on the infinite manifestations of motherhood. 

~Marianne Worthington, poetry editor


Catherine Pritchard Childress

Megan Pillow Davis
            Three Days After

Kari Gunter-Seymour
            Daughter-in-law Mine, Once Removed

Pauletta Hansel

Jamie Elliott Keith
            The Old Christenberry House

George Ella Lyon
            What Trouble Is

Bruce Miller
            Blood Kin

Stacy Pendergrast
            Mother's Crows

Sosha Pinson
            God-The-Mother in My Bedroom . . . 

"Washers, White Pine, Tennessee"  ¬©John Edwin May; used with permission 

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