Jules Jacob

Ginkgo Bilobas 

With lines to cross I could run on
but the past is here and quick with thoughts
I sit down      pump with propellants      
launch through Ginkgo bilobas.

[(Holy) war] + genocide
soar through maidenhair      rise
from indigo to white to glass

my fingers lead the getaway
with a green and brown walkingstick
we ask the moss if it felt 
their shattering extinction. 

Fan-shaped leaves answer the
air      dance their equation
fossils + [ alive (denial + Y chromosomes)]
= repetition.


Julie “Jules” Jacob’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in The Fourth River, Rust + Moth, Third Wednesday, Frogpond and elsewhere. Her chapbook is The Glass Sponge (Finishing Line, 2013). She attended the 2015 Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Poetry Workshop in Auvillar, France. Her poem, “Grandpa’s Mill,” was showcased at The Colorado Gallery of the Arts. Jules is a Horticultural Therapist and Master Gardener Emeritus who advocates for abused and neglected children for CASA of Southwest Missouri.


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