Standing in the Orchard: A Poetry Sampler 


Here is a grove of poems (inspired by Tasha Cotter's poem below) to remind us of the bounty of trees, the “rot and hallelujah” of blossoms and leaves and delicate fruits. In these poems we meet the sycamore, the ginkgo, the notorious Bradford Pear, the crabapple, the threatened ash, dogwoods, redbuds, and ourselves. We liked how these poems offer us a moment of contemplation under a canopy.

~Marianne Worthington, poetry editor


Patricia Alice Albrecht

Tasha Cotter
            Standing in the Orchard, a Future is Created

Chris Green
            White, wide dogwood blooms
              Budding redbuds shake

Connie Jordan Green
            Ode to the Apple

Karen Paul Holmes
            If You Plant a Bradford Pear

Jules Jacob
            Ginkgo Bilobas

Laura McPherson
            Rocking in the Dappled Evening

Catherine Moore
            Ash Tuesday

Karah Stokes
            Sycamores bank the far side of the river


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