Patricia Alice Albrecht


I left the mockingbird
dead on the front porch

I left the mattress mold
evaporating through the humidifier
the heat depressed to sixty-five

I left the aroma
of last night’s homemade granola
ironing the kitchen air  

I left the beagle
curled like a warm crescent
asleep at the foot of my desk

I left the buck prints
pocking the front orchard  
his snorts in the tree line staring from the sumac 

I left my phone

I left the gray weather predictions
and the bird seeds dotting
the tops of poisonous toadstools

I left the fattened toad
that comes out each night
to stand watch on the front porch
near the place I left the mockingbird

so the lone bird
in search
of its mate could realize
how some love


Patricia Alice Albrecht has poetry in the literary anthology, Wind Eyes, A Woman’s Reader and Writing Source (Plain View Press, 1997), Rattle, CHEST, A Magazine for Thoracic Surgeons, and Calliope Magazine. A CD of poetry, A Touch of Pizzazz (2009); was recorded for fans of the cartoon series, Jem & The Holograms for which she voiced the antagonist, Pizzazz.


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