Tasha Cotter

Standing in the Orchard, a Future is Created 

She didn't mind the rotten
fruit. No sense of direction,
she carried devotion
on her shoulders, crabapples
strewn across the orchard.
She stood with him, steadied
by the weight of the vast
land that stretched around them.
She was so pretty. He was
in love with where he came from.
Maybe he really liked her.
He wanted to give her
the same life he wanted
to give himself. He didn't 
give her everything. Still,
it was more, so much more
than the apples on the ground.


Tasha Cotter is the author of the poetry collections Some Churches (Gold Wake Press, 2013), That Bird Your Heart (Finishing Line Press, 2013), and Girl in the Cave (Tree Light Books, 2016). Winner of the 2015 Delphi Poetry Series, her work has appeared in journals such as Contrary Magazine, NANO fiction, and Booth. A contributor to Women in Clothes (Blue Rider Press, 2014), The Poets on Growth Anthology (Math Paper Press, 2015), and the 2017 Poet's Market (Writer's Digest Books). She makes her home in Lexington, Kentucky where she works in higher education. 


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