Mortal Girl by Kelsey Helton

Mortality breeds truer than godhead 
and I am last in a line of dwindling demigods 
The sharpness of this humanity 
is not one my body was built for 
This on 
warm palm 
red knuckle 
fit of passion 
overdue essay 
dryer dollar 
migraine in chemistry 

Ambrosia does not drip down this far 
soaked up by watercolor clouds 
and gods who can see 
into the cracks of the world 
jagged as the zebra printed sheets of my 
old bed 
new bed 
full tank 
check engine light 
fall porch decorations 
dead doe in the road 

Gifted eyes of the osprey 
but I am without will to see 
This path well worn 
and well run dry 
days turning over like a coin flip 
in the hands of a gambling addict 
valedictorian race 
cobwebbed bookshelves
one year anniversary 
newly diagnosed heart murmur 
Immortality may be monotony 
but it cannot feel worse than 
this asleep 
blood than runs red 
and not sunset’s gold 
and far less than eternity 
to figure this shit out 

Kelsey Helton is a senior at Leslie County (Kentucky) High School, Questbridge Scholar, member of the National Honors Society, and world-class procrastinator. She hopes to study environmental science at Duke University as the Class of 2027. 

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