The world, the world. We say, by Larry Thacker

What in the world? Indeed. What 
within the mighty guts of its insides

would swirl in such a manner, 
stage up such terribleness,
such vile broken bones and fever,

before granting understanding 
a chance to live out in sweet fields?

Is this where we send our sins, 
and inward, heat seeking a cleansing, 
where new words boil in the night ground?  

So the lakes can cool where fair animals speak 
and dance the old tales, before 
a need to only whisper takes over? 

The best watchers watch with an eye
open in sleep. Where some retreated 
and feared returning might summon up,
the words remaining heated, 
one waiting beside the few 
hoisting each other upright
and moving west with the sun.  

The world. The world, we say, whips round
in our sleep like a bad dream we must suffer. 

Larry D. Thackers poetry is in over one-hundred-and-fifty publications including Spillway, Still: The Journal, Valparaiso Poetry Review, American Journal of Poetry, Poetry South, The Southern Poetry Anthology, The Lake, Illuminations Literary Magazine, and Appalachian Heritage. His books include Mountain Mysteries, and the poetry books, Drifting in Awe, Voice Hunting, Memory Train, Grave Robber Confessional, and the forthcoming Feasts of Evasion. His MFA in poetry and fiction is earned from West Virginia Wesleyan College. 

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