Open Histories:  A Poetry Sampler 

We used the title of Jeremy B. Jones’s poem as a starting point for collecting the poems featured in this sampler. Jeremy’s poem is a personal history of a cousin soldiering in Iraq. His poem helped us think about how poets are reckoning the grammar and symbols of war and fear and hate so prevalent in our current state. Here are poems of personal and corporate violence and corruption, of a government incarcerating children, of climate change and environmental degradation. Here, too, are poets wrestling boldly and artistically with these outrages and brutalities. This is a provocative group of poems to read, but oh, so necessary. We are privileged to publish them.

~Marianne Worthington, poetry editor

Joyce Compton Brown
After the Burning of 5,538 Acres on the Blue Ridge

Andrew Butler
Butler, Tenn.

Sean L. Corbin
Drunk Asshole On a Horse

Zac Furlough
If Constellations Were Dust

Jeremy B. Jones
Open Histories

Kathleen Brewin Lewis
The (Barely) Bearable Heaviness of Being

Heather Loudermilk
Sopping Wet

V. C. McCabe
Baptism by Fire

Whyt Pugh

Larry Thacker
The world, the world. We say,

Andrena Zawinski

photo ©Dereck Hammers

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