Misty Skaggs

Just Grease

I want the kind of man
who wants the kind of woman
who keeps bacon grease. 
He needs to notice 
how it’s so much more
than stingy sustenance. 
It’s ritual and relish,
the satisfaction 
of golden brown biscuits.
He has to see

how it’s more
than just grease.
It’s gumption. 
and tradition,
strained into a coffee cup
passed down through generations. 
I need a man to recognize
the kind of love worth saving.
I long for a love 
that holds up
like cast iron.


Misty Skaggs was born and raised in Elliott County, Kentucky where she still resides, out at the end of Bear Town Ridge Road. Her work and lifestyle reflect a deep connection to her Appalachian upbringing. Skaggs' work has been published in journals such as Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel, New Madrid, The Pikeville Review and Inscape as well as online at Fried Chicken and Coffee, a blogazine for rural literature.


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