Purpose of Darkness: A Poetry Sampler 


The title of this collection of poetry is inspired by Ron Houchin’s poem, but all of the poems here have the common element of darkness, where we can’t judge distances, where everything is slightly out of plumb or broken, where we keep our secrets and birth our dreams, and where loneliness lives not only in a dark holler but also in our hearts. Enter this poetic landscape of black night illuminated by the moon, the snow, and the word.

~Marianne Worthington, poetry editor


Ron Houchin
            Purpose of Darkness

Ace Boggess
            "Have You Ever Loved Someone and Still Felt Lonely?"

Candace Butler
            I Was Born Old

Gregory Crosby
            A Dog Barks in the Distance

Lois Marie Harrod
            In the Mask of a Fox

Julia Campbell Johnson
            Full Moon, Black Night

Misty Skaggs
            Just Grease

Jessica Spruill
            The Girl from Spall Lick Road

Kathryn Weld
            The Elusiveness of Being 

Michael Williams
            That Old Time Religion

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