Conversations with Dolly Parton at 3 a.m. and Other Poems

A Poetry Sampler 

When we first read Makayla Gay's poem featuring Dolly Parton handing out her practical advice in full voice, we fell in love with Dolly all over again ("our holy mother") and with Makayla's poem. Usually we present these samplers as poems related by theme or motif. Even though this is not a poetry sampler organized around Dolly Parton themes, the other poems here, like a classic Dolly Parton song, epitomize our complicated and brutal realities set to the prettiest music. 

~Marianne Worthington, poetry editor

Makayla Gay
Conversations with Dolly Parton at 3 a.m.

Wendy Dinwiddie
my father as the house where I never lived

Renee Emerson

Karen George

Pauletta Hansel
Morning, Loretto Motherhouse, Late November

Melissa Helton

Thomas Alan Holmes
True Stories

William Rieppe Moore
Weedy Heart of Stoney Mountain

James Owens
Realpolitik, January Morning

Linda Parsons
Pie Lee

Jason Roberts
Night Life III

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