Portraits: A Poetry Sampler 


We enjoyed collecting this sampler of poems that brings together the imagistic observations and poetic stories about people or the human body. Some of the poems here are persona poems that take place on rooftops and ridgetops, at Octoberfest parades and Waffle Houses. Some of the poems tell what happens to seventh grade bullies, to the aging, and to the newly deceased. But each of the poems illustrates best what poet Christie Collins describes as “each human / life is a priest, is a prayer, is a piano hymn.” Enjoy the ten poems collected here as studies in the human condition.

~Marianne Worthington, poetry editor


Christie Collins
            Look for Me

Jeff Hardin
A Contentment

Rachel A. Hicks
            Sweet Smoke I Shine

Dory Hudspeth
            Poets are banned

Melva Sue Priddy

Jane Sasser
            In the Country of the Old

Katherine Smith
            Red Shoe

Philip St. Clair
            Work in Heaven

Robert West

Michael Williams
            Banish Misfortune

"Octopoda, Knoxville, Tennessee"  ©John Edwin May; used with permission 

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