2016 Contest Winners in Poetry

Doug Van Gundy
Last Thoughts on Electronic Voice Projection

Jen Dracos-Tice
Bidding on Gratification

Rick Mulkey
An Explanation
Poetry Sampler: Purpose of Darkness

Ace Boggess

Candace Butler
Gregory Crosby
Lois Marie Harrod
Ron Houchin
Julia Campbell Johnson
Misty Skaggs
Jessica Spruill 
Kathryn Weld
Michael Williams
Poetry Sampler: The Moment Of

Tyler S. Collins
Melissa Helton
Marilyn Kallet
Laura Long
Mary Moore
Jeremy Michael Reed
Jane Sasser
Jessica Thompson

New work by

Andy Fogle

Five Lights
Thinking of Virginia in New York
Triptych Dumbfound

Leigh Anne Hornfeldt
Pulled Under
Beyond the One I Knew
Darkness to Clean Bone

Bill King
Postcard from the Tygart
Postcard to My Boy at Sweet Sixteen
Postcard Sabbath Song
Postcard on Time

Lori Lamothe 
Bottle Tree, 1922
At the Kitchen Window
Still Life

Allison Thorpe
How to Tell Your Mother You Don't Like Knitting
The Room Upstairs

Kaitlen Whitt
Eating Hate at the DHHR
Going Home

 ¬©Alice Hale Adams; used with permission