in my next life by Jay Audrey

in my next life please
could I be a city pigeon? knowing
not the train’s schedule
but how it rumbles my bones
and gives lift to my wings,
understanding not why
the stuffed shirts rush
but enjoying the crumbs
abandoned by careless hands.

I’m tired of being so human and
so silent in skyscraper shadows—
in my next life, let me scale them,
let me dive for the bright pink hat,
and let me soar
instead of shrinking
when someone
steps too close for comfort

Jay Audrey is a contemporary young adult novelist currently represented by John Rudolph at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret seeking publication of her first novel, which centers on drag queens. She's a passionate activist who tries not to be too exhausted by the state of the world and wants to make her voice and voices like hers heard. In the past year, she's been nominated for two Pushcart Prizes and published in Sonora Review, Sink Hollow, and other places.

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